Hodder Valley Show

Saturday 14th September 2024

Newton in Bowland


Vintage Class - Open to all


Do you have a Tractor, Farm Vehicle or any Agricultural Machinery over 25 years old?

 And are you proud of it?

 Come along and exhibit it at the show (can be in its 'working clothes'!)
All entrants will receive a commemorative plaque.

Entries must be made before Show Day.
Where possible all moving exhibits will take part in the Vintage Parade in the main ring during the afternoon.


Dear Owner,

As the Chair of the Hodder Valley Show Committee, I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support
and participation in our annual show. Your commitment to showcasing your vintage tractors has played a significant role in
making our event a resounding success year after year.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the time, effort, and passion you invest in maintaining and presenting
your remarkable vehicles. The nostalgia and heritage that emanate from these vintage tractors contribute immensely to the
unique atmosphere of the Hodder Valley Show, capturing the imaginations of enthusiasts and visitors alike.

To ensure the smooth running of the event and the safety of all participants and attendees, we kindly request that you adhere
to the following guidelines when entering your exhibit:

1. Entry: Please enter your vehicle by 28th August so that we can ensure adequate space is provided. We are unable to
guarantee space on the show field without prior notice of your attendance. It would also be very helpful in your entry if
you can provide us with the essential details of your vintage tractor/equipment, including make, model, year of
manufacture, and any other interesting information that highlights its historical significance. This information will enable us
to promote your exhibit accurately and enhance visitors' appreciation of your tractor/equipment. 

Entry Form : Click Here To Download (pdf)

2. Safety Rules: The Hodder Valley Show places great emphasis on safety. We kindly ask that you comply with the following
a. No Movement of Vehicles: For the safety of all attendees, there should be no movement of vehicles on the show field
between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, the exception being marshalled movement into the main ring for display and judging.
This restriction aims to prevent accidents and ensure a secure environment for everyone to enjoy the exhibits.
b. Valid Driving License: Only drivers/operators holding a valid driving license should operate the vintage tractors within
the show premises. This requirement is essential to uphold the highest standards of safety and professionalism.
c. No Passengers Allowed: To minimize potential risks and accidents, we kindly request that no passengers, including
children, be allowed on the vintage tractors during the show. This rule is in place to prioritize the safety of all

Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated, as it enables us to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all
involved. By working together to uphold these standards, we can ensure the continued success of the Hodder Valley Show.

Once again, we extend our sincere thanks for your unwavering support and commitment. We look forward to showcasing your
vintage tractor at this year's event and sharing the joy it brings with our visitors. Should you have any questions or require
further information, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Fox tel 01200 428706.

Thank you, and we eagerly anticipate another memorable Hodder Valley Show!

Warm regards,

Julie Bennett
Chair, Hodder Valley Show Committee








For further details contact Martyn tel 07817 445956