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The Hodder Valley Show
Saturday 14th September 2019


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By Kind Permission of The Knowlmere Estate and Mr & Mrs M Pinder

President: Mr John Barber

Notice of 2019 Hodder Valley Show Classes 

Young Farmers' and Children's Classes to be added later

Cakes Breads and Puddings

CBP 1 Fruit Cake -Not Iced (Must follow recipe detailed at the back of the Schedule)

CBP 2 4 Pieces of Goosnargh Cakes or Biscuits

CBP 3 4 Raspberry Buns

CBP 4 4 Pieces of Chocolate Brownie

CBP 5 Undecorated Marble Cake - to be judged on Colour mix

CBP 6 4 Ginger Biscuits (Must follow recipe detailed at the back of the schedule)

CBP 7 A Victoria Sandwich Cake- Jam Filled with Castor Sugar Topping

CBP 8 An Apple and Cinnamon Loaf

CBP 9 4 Florentines - ideas -

CBP 10 Lemon Drizzle Cake (Must follow recipe detailed at the back of the Schedule)

CBP 11 An Unbaked Cheesecake

CBP 12 An Individual Hot Water Crust Savoury Pie

CBP 13 A Reject Cake (Entries taken on day by Stewards)

CBP 14 4 Fruit Scones

CBP 15 A Traditional Loaf made in a Loaf Tin - no display Board (not using a bread maker)

CBP 16 Any other form of Bread (e.g. Plait, Flat Breads, Ciabatta) no display board.

CBP 17 4 Sweet Truffles - judged on taste and presentation

CBP 18 4 Almond Slices

CBP 19 A Gingerbread Structure - Max Size 30cm x 30CM judged on overall presentation

CBP 21 A Chocolate Cake - judged on taste and decoration

CBP 22 4 Butterfly Buns (U16)

CBP 23 4 Decorated Funny Face Biscuits. (U 16)

THE PEARSON TROPHY : best entry made by a gentleman within all classes

Eggs Preserves and Fudge

EPF 1 4 Fresh Hen Eggs on a Plain White Saucer, extra saucer to be provided

EPF 4 One jar of Jelly (Savoury or Sweet)

EPF 6 One Jar of Chutney

EPF 7 One Jar of Marmalade

EPF 8 One Jar of Jam- Soft Fruit

EPF 9 One Jar of Jam- Hard Fruit

EPF 10 One Jar of Lemon Cheese

EPF 11 6 Pieces of Fudge to be displayed on a side plate

EPF 13 Home-made Fruit Liqueur - tasting glass to be provided by exhibitor

EPF 14 Jar of Preserved Fruit

Floral Art

FA 1 " Highland Fling "

FA 2 An Arrangement in a Tea Cup

FA 3 " Winter Wonderland "

FA 4 A Swag- no more than 80cm long with a loop at each end

FA 5 " Carnival "

FA 6 An arrangement in a box


F 1 Bowl of Mixed Roses (Vases disqualified) Roses must be grown by Exhibitor

F 2 A Single Bloom - any variety

F 3 5 spikes of sweet peas

F 4 Vase of Nasturtiums displayed with their leaves

F 5 3 Gladioli Spikes displayed in a vase.

F 6 Basket of Garden Flowers - arranged for effect

F 7 Bowl of Mixed Dahlias- space 90cm x 60cm to be arranged by exhibitor for effect- no extra foliage to be used

F 8 A Variety of Yellow Flowers - displayed in a vase

F 10 A Vase of assorted Garden Flowers

F 12 A Bowl of Cacti or Succulents

F 14 A Single Bloom in a bottle. (Under 16)

F 16 A Miniature Garden in a Basket. (Under 16)

Handicrafts and Arts

HA 1 Place Mat, Table Mat or Table Runner

HA 2 An item using beads

HA 3 An Item of Needlework

HA 4 Any item or picture in cross stitch

HA 5 A Handmade Get Well Card

HA 6 A Soft Toy

HA 7 A Handmade Bag, any technique

HA 8 A Stitched Collage using papers

HA 9 A Christmas Tree Decoration (any medium)

HA 10 An Item of Patchwork and/or Quilting And/or Applique - please state approx size on Entry Form

HA 11 Dressmaking - any garment

HA 12 Knitting or Crochet or Lace

HA 13 A Pencil or Ink Sketch or Drawing (Max. size A3, max. 2 entries per exhibitor)

HA 14 A Painting in any Media ( Max size A3, max 2 entries per exhibitor)

HA 15 An item using recycled materials - Please state size on Entry Form

HA 16 Any kind of Handicraft to be judged on workmanship and ingenuity


P 1 Churches

P 2 Gates

P 3 Summer View

P 4 Down by the Water

P 5 A Monochrome View

P 6 Dogs

P 7 Bird Life

P 8 Monuments or Statues

P 9 A Winter View

P 10 A Family Celebration

Vegetables and Fruit

VF 1 Four Pods Of Peas

VF 2 Four Runner Beans

VF 3 Four French Beans

VF 4 Four Broad Beans

VF 5 Six Tomatoes on a Plate

VF 7 One Cucumber

VF 8 One Lettuce with Root

VF 9 One Green Cabbage with Root

VF 10 One Marrow

VF 11 A Vegetable Animal (under 16)

VF 12 Two Roots of Beet with Tops

VF 13 Three Carrots with Tops

VF 14 Two Courgettes

VF 15 Basket/Trug of Produce from your garden greenhouse. Max Size 50cm x 50cm

VF 16 Misshaped Vegetable (entries to be taken on the day)

VF 17 Four Potatoes

VF 19 An Entry of Own Choice from Garden or Greenhouse. One entry per exhibitor.

VF 20 School Gardening Club "Basket of Produce Display" To include anything grown by the children in the school garden.

VF 21 Three Onions

VF 22 Two Leeks


Harrison Drury Land and Rura lEstates 


Dalehead Vets